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“Y’all got that river beat…” describes Andrew Trube, of the Greyhounds, after a show late one night.

The St. Louis area-based ensemble known as Al Holliday & The East Side Rhythm Band has begun their journey with a prolific decade, working all along the way to articulate a message, interpretation and reflection of American humanity and music; into an earth-shaking vision that stands tall - with roots that run deep – from Early R&B and Soul, through Americana and songwriting tradition, always inspired and always with a feeling, telling a heartfelt perspective in music, often examining the experiences, trials and tribulations, we can only describe altogether as: uniquely American.

The band has earned it’s reputation amongst their storied region’s premier original performing and recording acts, weaving together the very fabrics on American music into a potent, useable, relevant form that is as authentic as it is funky, all from the vantage point of a true, overlooked home of the Blues, Soul, and original “Rock & Roll” on the Mississippi River, bringing along our specifically Midwest swing, intensity, and “low-down” piano sound.


The newest release “all I want”, started in the dark early days of the pandemic as a testament and love letter to our fellow working and everyday people (the multi-racial working class) experiencing again, a dilemma we found in our home, as head-scratchingly specific to our country, with no universal health care – amongst the chaos and lives lost.

The message contained also began forming as a coherent everyman’s humble take and political ideology, outside the common paradigms and false dualities that are propagated by corporate news outlets and perhaps even more assisted by social media by its’ very own design.  In spite of all of this, shining through, is the ultimate message of faith in the members of our community – our “fellow man”, i a simple reminder to love one another.

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R&B | Blues | Americana/Roots


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